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Demystify SwiftUI WWDC21 - Notes

· One min read

Reference: Demystify SwiftUI WWDC21

When SwiftUI looks at your code, it will look for three things:

  • Identity
  • Lifetime
  • Dependencies


  • Explicit: In this case, .dogTagID represents the ID of the rescueDog data type which conforms to the Identifiable protocol.

    • With a stable ID, SwiftUI can optimize performance. cleanshot-2024-03-18-000001.jpg
  • Implicit or Structural Identity: If a statement or switch statement in a SwiftUI view's body (@ViewBuilder) creates an implicit ID based on structural differences (i.e., the position of the view relative to its hierarchy).


  • Avoid using AnyView if possible.


View Lifetime

  • State Lifetime == View Lifetime, meaning when the view's identity changes, the state is destroyed along with that identity.



With this implementation, when date < .now, a different view modifier identity is created, which is not stable.


A better version would be to tie the condition in the value of opacity, so there is just a single View Modifier, which means better performance, more correct code, and SwiftUI is optimized for this kind of code.