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Building tool to Publish Digital Garden in 2022

· 2 min read

It's amazing to start building indies hacker project in 2022, especially with web technology, we have abundance languages, frameworks and app-starters template. But it's also incredibly hard to navigate through these choice.

My goal was to set out to build a website that take in bunch of markdown files from my personal notes then turn it into a Digital Garden, or wiki-style personal knowledge management. Something similar to Obsidian Publish tools, but with more reasonable price and have wider support of markdown editor.

If you don't know what a digital garden is a few article below is a great starting point:

And my favourite illustration of Digital Garden


So with that goal in mind, I have a couple of idea that I want to explore

Notes should be in Markdown format

Original notes should always be in Markdown format, because markdown format retain portability and it's wildy support both hundreds of awesome Markdown editors, and all well-known big tech (Github, Gitlab, Gitbook, ...), Also Markdown note is also human-readable event without any help from editor.

Publishing should be as painless and seamless as possible

Publishing your digital garden should be as seamless as possible. I believe that learning in public is a great practice and to facilitate

Integrated tool for thought

A PKM first and foremost is the tool for the author to find clarity in the thoughts, cultivate new idea and concept, therefore I think published digital garden should also incorporate tools and technology that faciliate that. Plus it will bring a great user experience

It should also be personalized

Each Digital Garden reflect personality of the author, so it should be possible for the author to add his/her own flavor of styling.